7 Core Concepts

The 7 Core Concepts

Towards the end of his life and distinguished career, Dr. Roberto Assagioli, the founder of psychosynthesis, identified what he perceived to be the 7 core concepts or practices at the heart of this work: synthesis, will, personal self, dis-identification (or non-attachment), the ideal model, transpersonal self, and the superconscious.

Assagioli recognized that anyone who wished to further their own development would initially need to engage in a process of identifying obstacles and limiting patterns in their personality. He referred to this process as a “personal psychosynthesis” in which the various elements of the personality are integrated around a central or cohesive “self”.

Assagioli further defined this self as a center of reflective awareness and will that is distinct, but not completely separate from, the various aspects of the personality. Each person, at their core, has this capacity to be aware and to choose, and this potential is what makes possible the kind of self determination and personal growth that is characteristic of Synthesis Coaching.

Furthermore, the principle of synthesis suggests that the many and disparate parts of the self, even the apparently conflicting inner voices and impulses, can be integrated and synthesized into an ever more expansive and whole sense of self. Nothing needs to be excluded; in fact, the process of psychosynthesis implies that we can use and even need the great multiplicity of the self to fashion a complete picture of who we are.

Assagioli noted the primacy of the will in psychosynthesis and this is one of his great contributions to psychology, the human potential movement, and the field of professional coaching. It is precisely the activation of the will in Synthesis Coaching that allows a person to bring their goals and sense of purpose to fruition in the world.

The “ideal model” technique in psychosynthesis draws upon the self awareness of the individual, together with a skillful will, to identify a realistic vision of what we desire to manifest in the world, including not only outer accomplishments but also inner growth and movement towards the person one most wishes to become.

Finally, Assagioli included in his 7 core concepts the notion of a higher nature in each one of us, or what he called a transpersonal self. Assagioli was one of the earliest practitioners in western psychology to coin the phrase “self realization” and to recognize the “meta-needs” of each person to make a life of substance, significance and meaning. This pursuit of a meaningful purpose in life informs the approach of Synthesis Coaching.

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