About Us

Synthesis Northeast is a regional training collaborative and program of the Synthesis Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization promoting psychosynthesis education and training since 1976.

In addition to hosting the Synthesis Northeast program, the Synthesis Center partners with additional centers in San Francisco, south Florida, and Milan, Italy – plus worldwide via teleconference – to offer Synthesis Coach training and certification.

We are committed to:

  • training, nurturing and supporting a new generation of Synthesis Coaches and Psychosynthesis practitioners.


  • promoting, partnering, collaborating and contributing to the expansion of psychosynthesis education and training both in the Northeast region and beyond.


  • building a community that contributes to the growth, development and sharing of psychosynthesis tools, research and dissemination.


“The emerging profession of life coaching seems destined to play a significant role in the future, providing support for relatively healthy people to realize their full potentials. It is a discipline that assigns a central role to the will, drawing on both personal and spiritual levels of this core psychological function. In contrast to psychotherapy, coaching assumes that clients have sufficient emotional integration to function in self-responsibility; at least as an ideal, and that they can use their will with some degree of effectiveness. This would imply basic levels of good will and skillful will, in psychosynthesis terminology. In this context, Assagioli’s profound insights into the nature and functioning of the will, so far ahead of their time, will like find a receptive audience.”

~ Martha Crampton, Ph.D.


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