Synthesis Coaching: A Unique Approach

Synthesis Coaching weaves together a holistic vision of human nature with a set of recognized coaching principles to produce a dynamic model for personal and professional growth. Drawing upon the transformative methods of psychosynthesis, Synthesis Coaching unleashes the potential in each person to achieve a sense of wholeness, harmony and fulfillment.  That’s what sets us apart from other programs.

Synthesis Coaching applies the 7 core concepts  of psychosynthesis offering us an invitation to live a bigger life and choose in the direction of our dreams and deepest values.

As we develop a more authentic connection with our inner self, and access the richness of who we may be in the world, then coaching offers a focused process designed to help us identify and achieve meaningful goals and outcomes at work, in the home, through our relationships, and in all areas of life.

That’s Synthesis Coaching.