These past few months have really been special in helping me integrate my purpose… and not just to realize it more fully but to actually start to breathe and live it. I can say that psychosynthesis training and the support I received had a great role in this.     ~ E. Filippi, Italy


I was very interested in learning more about Psychosynthesis and jumped at the opportunity. The coaching program is led by trainers who are very knowledgeable, great teachers and just plain fun, nice people. I have been amazed at how I have grown as a coach — I highly recommend this course of training and the Synthesis Center!    ~ K. Herold, Adjunct Faculty, Sofia University



After the first year of Psychosynthesis training, I was so inspired that I began working at our local community behavioral health center. After four years, I then opened a private psychotherapy practice, and psychosynthesis is the ground from which I work in the helping role with others.   ~J. Murphy, MSW, LICSW, Massachusetts


Since receiving my BCC certification, I have developed and integrated a new form of “transformation” coaching into my business practice that has had a powerfully positive impact on client success. This program prepared me with complex skills and thought processes and a unique connection to serving humanity.    ~ P. Breen, North Carolina



This program is more than just a life coach program, it is about Self growth, connection, and learning how to inspire others’ evolution towards the whole.    ~ A. Whitehouse, Florida


Thank you for a really transformative weekend. I feel I understand, in a holistic way, much more about psychosynthesis than ever before. I soaked it in. The people are WONDERFUL and I just love the easy natural blend of humor and depth.  I feel like I have found shoes that really, really fit!   ~C. Adair, Vermont



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